The Team

Name Role Bio


Proposal Manager 15+ year experience in IT as a computer programmer with specializing in web-based applications. Has been on the crypto scene for the past 3 years with a focus on dApp development.


Team Leader Has been involved with the Ether-1 project since the genesis block. Currently qualified as an Advertising Specialist and Radio presenter with a passion for crypto!


Community Integrator Has been involved with Web design and Development for over 21 years. He has also been involved with Crypto for more than three years and has gone from investing in coins to running his own pools.


Ether-1 Team Liaison 15 years experience in the IT field as a network engineer and systems administrator. Has a passion for communicating, connecting people and managing agile projects.


Community Integrator Crypto enthusiast, investor, and miner since 2017. Committed to spreading awareness of the Ether-1 community and devoted to decentralization.


Accountant Has been involved with crypto since 2011. He has a degree in accounting, and over 20 years experience in sales and marketing.