Complete: GN/MN/SN Docker Proposal

This proposal was submitted on the 1/30/2019 at 17:21:57.

Their proposal is: To create setup and management similar to and providing easy and fully transparent setup, automatic updates, auto heal in case of node errors, support for Debian, Ubuntu, centos and fedora and relatively easy portability to other VPS.

Does your proposal Require funding?
If so what is the value: 10 000 – 20 000 ETHO

Why will this benefit the Ether-1 Ecosystem: Provides: – easy setup and management for MN ops – auto updates triggered based on ETHO team requirements allowing to update all nodes running my setup in one day to latest version – thanks to auto-heal ensures better up time for masternodes – monolith docker powered core architecture (currently ubuntu for etho). No system specific troubleshooting, no VPS system dependency issues, easy system provisioning, full transparency, anyone can audit, audited code to ensure security of provided service packages (SN, MN, GN) – allows team and community to submit additional changes and improvements for service packages through pull requests

Which currency would you like to be paid in: ETHO

What is the timeline for this project: Under 1 month (pessimistic estimate including testing)

Will you be working on this project: Yes

Developer donation address: 0x1c91ddc79f97c5f368e74081e27d861dbb5b97db – ETHO