DAPP Portal Proposal

This proposal was submitted at 1/29/2019 21:21:05.

The proposal is: Create a ETHO Portal that can be used as a one stop shop for Service/dApp’s on the ETHO blockchain. Anyone can create service/dApp’s that they wish to include on the portal. Each would then be voted/vetted before becoming part of the main portal.

Does your proposal Require funding? If so what is the value:
Yes, the total amount for expenses $50 + ongoing developer rate.

Why will this benefit the Ether-1 Ecosystem: This portal will be useful for everyone and gives an area to host many services/dApp’s all in one place. Some examples of services/dApps include: Messaging, web wallet, governance, job/project board, etc

Which currency would you like to be paid in: ETHO / ETH / BTC

What is the time line for this project: 3-6 months for base version and on goin after that to add dApps/services

Will you be working on this project: Yes

Developer donation address: 0xce5d7ddebe017d75b4f7c58b6c2e7ebe134ee7ae – ETHO