The original ETHO Labs Proposal

ETHO Labs – Proposal 

By Fallen Gravity 

** Please note the projects name has now changed to ethoLABS to better fit into the ecosystem – this proposal was left unchanged for historical purposes.

The Idea:

To start this off I need to say this is not an original concept by any means I got the idea from the people running Turtle labs and I’ve just gone ahead and morphed their idea to fit into ETHO as well as modified it slightly.

What is ETHO Labs:

In the simplest sentence possible: ETHO Labs is an external organization which is funded by the Ether-1 community to manage developments and research carried out within the Ether-1 Ecosystem.

What is the aim of ETHO Labs?

The aim of ETHO labs is to remove the need of the Ether-1 Core Developers (CD) to focus on unimportant and “small developments”. Instead of the Core Developers of Ether-1 having to control and oversee multiple developments, ETHO labs takes over this responsibility leaving the Core Developers to focus on the Core software such as the Blockchain and ethoFS development (The core tech or Core of the Ether-1 Ecosystem). ETHO Labs also aims to focus on removing the need for the CD to make use of their Developer fund for small development tasks. Another aspect is that ETHO Labs aims to foster community involvement and development. ETHO Labs also aims to educate the community of Ether-1 on the use cases of ETHO and the entire Ether-1 Ecosystem by the use of things such as free lectures, documentation about the Ether-1 Ecosystem, development courses, etc.

What are some examples of “small developments”:

We classify a small development as anything that does not directly affect the Ether-1 Blockchain and does not affect ethoFS, some examples would be:

  • Mobile Wallets
  • dApp Developments
  • External Use-case development
  • Documentation creation
  • Anything not affecting the Ether-1 Blockchain or ethoFS

What does ETHO labs need to succeed?

The only thing ETHO labs needs to succeed is the communities support and the dedication of time and effort of each community member, think about how big ETHO could be if we spent 1 Hour a day speaking to people about Ether-1!

How will ETHO labs be run?

ETHO labs will initially be run by 5-9 selected individuals and later be expanded and opened to community voting. These 5 people will consist of:

  • The Head (This person will be an Ether-1 Core Team member; their job will be to ensure all proposals brought forward to be discussed is presented in the correct format, they will also be in charge of coordinating the ETHO Labs team as well as ensuring any work being carried out by ETHO labs is done in an Ethical and responsible manner and that ETHO labs is meeting their goals and obligations)
  • Community Integrator (The person in charge of keeping the Ether-1 community informed of their current projects)
  • Ether-1 Team Liaison (This person will be an Ether-1 Core Team member, their job will be to keep both the Core Ether-1 Team and the ETHO Labs team in communication and make both organizations aware of their current projects and any news/situations)
  • The accountant (The person held accountable for the use of the funds provided to ETHO labs essentially the book keeper)

[These roles are subject to change with higher member counts etc. *Note: The Head position will be open to external (No Core team members) at a later stage in ETHO labs life time]

In order for ETHO Labs to carry out any Developments/research a proposal will have to be submitted to the Team after the proposal is submitted the ETHO Labs team will vote – having the option to Approve or Disapprove the Proposal or should they wish they may abstain – Majority vote wins – should the vote come down to a 50/50 stale mate the proposal will then be presented to the Ether-1 Core Team who will ultimately decide the fate of the proposal.

Who controls ETHO Labs funds?

ETHO labs fund will be kept in a Multi-sig wallet, the address will be available publicly for 100% transparency. Should a proposal be approved and require funds each of the ETHO labs team members will be required to use their key to send the transaction out. The community will be able to fund ETHO labs using various cryptocurrencies the main one being ETHO of course.

How can I get involved?

Send an email to with all your relevant qualifications and a motivation why you’d be a good fit for ETHO labs as well as the position you’d like.

Or you can DM me on discord – @FallenG / Ether-1#6563

Remember this! There are no barriers to entry! If you can contribute feel free to apply!

*Important Note: This is a rough draft! Please feel free to makes suggestions or comments – It’s super important we do this properly – at the end of the day this is the way the community starts to take control of the project.