What is ethoLABS

ethoLABS simply put is an external organization (Separate from the Ether-1 Project). ETHO Labs is a community funded team of people looking to improve and add features to the current Ether-1 Ecosystem. ethoLABS will also make use of the tools provided to conduct research and educate the users of ETHO.

What is ethoLABS’ Aim?

The aim of ethoLABS is to remove the need of the Ether-1 Core Developers (CD) to focus on unimportant and “small developments”. Instead of the Core Developers of Ether-1 having to control and oversee multiple developments, ethoLABS takes over this responsibility leaving the Core Developers to focus on the Core software such as the Blockchain and ethoFS development (The core tech or Core of the Ether-1 Ecosystem). ethoLABS also aims to focus on removing the need for the CD to make use of their Developer fund for small development tasks another important aspect is that ethoLABS aims to foster community involvement and development. ethoLABS will also be used to educate the community of Ether-1 on the use cases of ETHO and the entire Ether-1 Ecosystem by the use of things such as free lectures, documentation about the Ether-1 Ecosystem, development courses, etc.